About DataCenter Infrastructure & Critical Facilities CFD DCIM

The answers are now available to our industry at large instead of using best guesstimates: http://www.6sigmadcx.com/

IT and Facilities organizations have invested heavily in technology resources (people, processes, and tools) to manage the data center infrastructure, they have failed to achieve the promise and potential due to critical gaps between their data center facilities, IT infrastructure components and the use of best practices. A new perspective on managing the critical infrastructure gaps is emerging that recognizes:

•Holistic management capabilities and visibility of IT and Facilities infrastructures with Simulation

•Simulation Modeling that offer a rich scientific 3D view of the infrastructure, can guide design and change management as well as the invisible environmental factors for true operational mgmt.

– The criticality of interdependencies between logical and physical layers including Cooling with Space and Power

For a decade, Future Facilities has provided computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consultancy services to the world’s largest data center owner-operators and to the industry’s leading consultancies. With global offices, our managed engineering services and modeling software are relied on to deliver unique insight into the current and future performance of our clients’ mission critical data centers. We call our approach ‘predictive simulation’.

VF – Virtual Facility

CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

DCIO – DataCenter Infrastructure Operations

DCIM – DataCenter Infrastructure Modeling

DCIM – DataCenter Infrastructure Management

DCM – DataCenter Management
DCAM – DataCenter Asset Management
DCOM – DataCenter Operations Management
DCIM S – DataCenter Infrastructure Management Solutions
DCEM – DataCenter Energy Management
DCFM – DataCenter Facilities Management
DCPI – DataCenter Physical Infrastructure
RDCM – Remote DataCenter Management
DCPM – DataCenter Performance Monitoring & Management
DCSM – DataCenter Service Management
CPIM – Converged Physical Infrastructure Management
CLCS – Closed Loop Control System
BSM – Business Service Management
DCI – DataCenter Intelligence
DCIM BO – DataCenter Infrastructure Management Business Output
ITSM – IT Service Management
ITAM – IT Asset Management
ITIM – IT Infrastructure Management
DET – Digital Energy Technology
DIC – Digital Infrastructure ConvergenceSpecialties

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