10 Most Connected #DataCenters


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Here are the top 10 most connected data centers, according to Cloudscene:

1. SG1

Operator: Equinix
Location: Singapore
Number of service providers: 312

Directory Equinix SG1

2. LA1

Operator: CoreSite
Location: Los Angeles (One Wilshire)
Number of service providers: 259

directory la1 coresite

3. FR5

Operator: Equinix
Location: Frankfurt
Number of service providers: 246

directory equinix fr5

4. Denver

Operator: 910Telecom
Location: Denver
Number of service providers: 203

directory 910telecom denver

5. Telehouse North

Operator: Telehouse (subsidiary of KDDI)
Location: London
Number of service providers: 197

directory telehouse north

6. SY3

Operator: Equinix
Location: Sydney
Number of service providers: 187

directory equinix sy3

7. SY1

Operator: Equinix
Location: Sydney
Number of service providers: 184

directory equinix sy1 sydney campus

8. Paris Voltaire

Operator: Telehouse
Location: Paris
Number of service providers: 155

directory telehouse paris voltaire

9. DC2

Operator: Equinix
Location: Ashburn
Number of service providers: 155

directory equinix dc2

10. HK1

Operator: Equinix
Location: Hong Kong
Number of service providers: 151

directory equinix hk1

All images taken from websites of the data center providers on this list.

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2 Responses to 10 Most Connected #DataCenters

  1. Stijn Grove says:

    This top 10 and these numbers are far from correct. The truth is that it’s very difficult to know exactly which networks or which fibers/cables are where. Regarding connected networks in terms of IP networks you can look at peering resources like the Peering DB or you can look at the number of connected networks that a IX (Like AMS-IX or NL-IX) has per location. That won’t give you an exact number but a good indication. This data is published openly on the web. Regarding Amsterdam, as the Digital Gateway to Europe, Equinix AM7 should be high on this list with 194 networks according to AMS-IX. SARA, Nikhef, Global Switch, Equinix AM5, Digital Realty AM1 and EvoSwitch AMS1 are also highly connected in the Amsterdam area according to the Peering DB. Hope the incorrect data in this article can be corrected.

  2. Erik Barentsen says:

    Hello Stijn, I do agree with. If you would also include the number of networks that could be reached through exchanges like NL-ix and AMSIX in Amsterdam this number would even be far bigger.

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