#DCIM Correct use of CFD & Engineering Simulation for #DataCenter Operation


CFD and Simulation paves the way for a predictive deployment process that exploits all of the good data from DCIM, but puts the operator on the front foot. It doesn’t even require a significant departure from current working practices:

  1. Predict – Predict the impact of the proposed change using the verified computer model.
  2. Decide – Use the results to guide the best deployment location based on operational considerations
  3. Deploy – Install the equipment and power it up.
  4. Monitor – Watch the live data from the facility for any problems.

DCIM and Monitoring is still an integral part of the process, but it now works together with CFD and Engineering Simulation to give data center operators complete visibility into the state of their data center, now and in the future.


Take a look at this recent series by Ehsaan Farsimadan, CEng PhD

DCIM Part 3: Using CFD Alongside DCIM

Read the full article for Part 3 at http://www.datacenterjournal.com/24629-2/

This article is part 3 of the three-part series examining the main challenges of acquiring, implementing and using data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Part 1 presented a broad review on the different functions of DCIM in light of the operational challenges in the data center. Part 2 presented a possible method to expand DCIM from a data center management tool to manage IT, capacity, energy and cost. This final part addresses the applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) alongside DCIM.


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