How Engineering Simulation can work with DCIM to reduce risk in the Datacenter

Data Center Infrastructure & Critical Facility Evolution


by Dave King

The human race has acquired an insatiable demand for IT services (or rather the 35% that have access to the internet has), services that have to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As this demand has grown, data centers have evolved to become either the place where all revenue is generated, or the place that enables all revenue generation for a business.  Just as I am writing this, an advert has popped up on LinkedIn for a Network Infrastucture Engineer for Greggs the Baker (for our international readers, Greggs are a high street baker; they sell cakes, pasties and various other tasty things). That’s right, the baker needs to employ someone well versed in Linux, Cisco and Juniper!

Back in the old days, operators could fly by the seat of their pants, using gut instincts and experience to keep things running.  A little bit…

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