Can DCIM make the difference for a green data center?

By Wendy Schuchart


I had an opportunity to chat with some analysts over the last few weeks and asked them “If CIOs could push one thing to improve their data center’s sustainability, what would you suggest.”

Overwhelmingly, the analysts responded with a four-letter word. No, it’s not what you think – it’s DCIM.

Data Center Infrastructure Management – or DCIM – is a concept near and dear to the technology vendor’s heart, but this is an acronym even less welcome in some circles than a pool hall curse word. When the analysts brought it up with straight faces, my first thought was “Wow, DCIM, are we still talking about this?” The reason is simple – most CIOs I know feel that DCIM suffered from major vendor hype a few years back. It was the great white whale – full of promise but really difficult to target. Why? A three letter word – ROI.

Our data centers are becoming denser by the minute – add in Internet of Things and and an increasing number of “users” caused by multiple devices banging the data center at once, we have a perfect storm of high demand 24/7.

The initial DCIM bubble has burst – many of those early DCIM vendors are out of business these days.  But the push to DCIMize the data center is still ongoing. Original article click here.

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