The Data Center Operations Performance Challenge

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Many data center operators assume that future IT related changes demanded by the business can be accommodated within their infrastructures. But in reality, this assumption does not hold up. In fact, blind faith in operational best practices is the cause of performance problems that put the data center itself and hence the business as a whole at risk. Unfortunately, most companies don’t systematically assess performance or quantify risk. This keeps the problem hidden until it becomes severe enough to register on the DCIM dashboard. And by this time, the damage is done.

Other industries such as oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and defense have standardized on computer simulation techniques to predict and analyze system performance. However, this approach is rare in the data center industry despite the documented benefits that have been realized in other industries.

In this webcast, we will present a new measure of data center performance called“ACE” (availability, capacity and efficiency) that reveals the relationship between operational decisions and business outcomes. The ACE Score is currently being reviewed by The Green Grid for consideration to become a recommended data center performance measurement.

Next, the audience will learn how a major, global bank uses computer modeling to make operational decisions that meet business requirements. The case study will describe specifically how computer modeling was used to safely raise the air temperatures within two mission critical facilities that save more than $1 million per year in energy bills while improving IT resilience and facility loading capacity.

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