Project Spotlight: Continuous Modeling in Operations – Scoring Data Center Performance with ACE

October 01, 2014   2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Room: 207C 
CEU: 0.1 Audience: Advanced–2032 


Business requirements are changing continuously which drives change in the data center. The data center is meant to be a flexible, blank slate upon which IT services are quickly built, dismantled and reconfigured continuously to enable business agility. But how agile is your data center? Can you quantify the cost and risk of changing the data center roadmap to accommodate business needs?

Are you able to factor into business decisions the risks from change? This spotlight will explore how a global financial institution and a global distribution company used a predictive approach in their operations to increase efficiency, resilience and to maximize useable data center capacity in their facility. By building and calibrating a Virtual Facility for their data center, they were able to undertake a project that resulted in significant energy savings and an increase in usable capacity.

These case studies illustrate how data center operations were able to meet business objectives through continuous modeling, and highlight a new data center performance/risk score called “ACE” (Availability, Capacity and Efficiency).

Learning Objectives:
1) Quantify the risk and cost of change in the data center
2) Consolidate tracking of three interrelated performance metrics that together capture the very purpose of the data center
3) Learn how ACE calculations are made practical by computer modeling of the physical data center
4) Address limitations of popular best practices and why these alone cannot address the underlying causes of availability and capacity utilization problems

Presented by:

Sherman Ikemoto
Future Facilities Inc.

Screenshot 2014-08-12 12.25.30

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