@UptimeInstitute Symposium Modeling the #DataCenter Lifecycle


Modeling the Data Center Lifecycle
Presenter: Sherman Ikemoto, Director, Future Facilities Inc.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 4:10 – 4:40 p.m.

Data centers are a key component of modern companies. Senior management in these enterprises assume that future IT-related changes demanded by the business can be accommodated within their data center infrastructures. Alas, this demand for operational flexibility introduces risks (and costs) into the data centre itself and hence to the business as a whole.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t systematically assess such risks inside their data centers, nor can best practices and rules of thumb adequately address them. To solve this problem, a few leading enterprises today predict, project and quantify risk and costs using computer models that accurately reproduce enterprise IT operations at any point in time, much like almost all companies do in other parts of their business.

In this session, ways to use computer modeling to analyze and quantify risks and costs of operational flexibility within data centers, with the goal of moving enterprise IT operations from being a cost center to becoming a cost-reducing profit center will be covered. The approach will be illustrated with a two-year case study from a global financial institution.

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