#DataCenter Knowledge – What’s Your Cooling Profile?

Data Center Knowledge

What’s Your Cooling Profile?

Cooling – ever a challenge in any IT environment – has become even more important as the data hall becomes more and more crowded with high-density servers and equipment.

Data Center Knowledge readers are on the front lines of the data center industry and we’d like to gather your thoughts on cooling. What are your currently using to address your cooling needs? Are you dealing with legacy equipment? Do you plan to use more cutting edge solutions in the near future or in the longer term? Do you have some cooling equipment in one area and different equipment in another? Take the DCK Cooling Survey today!

We’d appreciate if you would take 5 minutes to complete our survey. We will be compiling our results and analyzing them and providing them back to you, our readers. (Please note: This survey is anonymous, no personally-identifiable information will be sold, rented, or given away to outside parties.) Thank you! We appreciate your time.

Start the DCK Cooling Survey

Best Regards,
Andy Boyd
Data Center Knowledge

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