Continuous Modeling Case Study – Datacenter Dynamics New York March 11

Christian Pastrana will discuss a highly lucrative, continuous modeling in operation case study on March 11

Date and Time: 2:10-2:40 pm  Hall 6 


This presentation will outline a series of steps that enabled the bank’s data center to best analyze and enhance data center performance.

 imagesScreenshot 2014-03-07 14.30.45

During his discussion, Mr. Pastrana will explore how a global financial institution used a predictive approach in their operations to increase efficiency, resilience and to maximize useable data center capacity in their facility. By building and calibrating a Virtual Facility for their data center, the bank’s facility was able to undertake a project that resulted in significant energy savings and an increase in usable capacity.

“This case study illustrates how data center operations were able to meet business objectives through continuous modeling,” said Christian Pastrana PE, Regional Sales Manager for Future Facilities, “The Virtual Facility provides simulation techniques to predict and visualize the outcome of power and cooling solutions before critical IT equipment is installed. This foresight, as the study demonstrates, can lead to immense energy and financial savings.”

In addition to its featured discussion, Future Facilities will also be exhibiting at Data Center Dynamics, Booth #43.

For those not able to attend the event, you can visit to download the case study.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.30.33

Screenshot 2014-03-04 15.00.38

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