Simulation for Data Center Operation – Prediction is Better than Cure


Prediction is Better than Cure – simulation for data center operation

As technology advances, we are not only able to deploy more powerful, energy efficient devices into the whitespace, but also to monitor and better understand the IT load and its resulting environment. Monitoring is a valuable tool to data center operators, allowing them to better understand and control aspects of the whitespace (power, assets, inlet temperatures, etc).  But is this enough?

Accurate modeling and simulation is the most practical way to predict the effects of any changes made in the whitespace before they are deployed.  However, using an accurate model to simulate IT deployments is crucial. As demonstrated in Mark Seymour’s presentation at the ASHRAE 2014 Winter meeting (see link to his paper below), this technique can be used to find the cause of the issue and to correct the deployment before it is made. Clearly, therefore, preventing a potential problem through prediction is preferable to fixing it once it has become a reality.

Supporting PDF can be downloaded

Engineering Simulation is the risk free way to raise temperatures in your data centers and be able to quantify the cause and effect to increase opex/capex Video

Screenshot 2015-06-27 10.18.02

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