What is Predictive #DCIM ( #DataCenter Infrastructure Management )?


At its simplest definition, Predictive DCIM is the combination of full data center simulation with DCIM. Enabling managers and operators to measure, model and evaluate every individual deployment within their data center prior and following deployment. Only Engineering Simulation ensures optimum performance of each piece of new equipment deployed whilst also balancing Availability, Capacity and Efficiency for the whole data center.

Unlike traditional engineering design, the data center designer cannot simulate the complete engineering system before handover because the system will continuously change during its operational life.

What causes this continuous change? IT deployments: Each IT device and it’s placement within the data hall carries a risk of sacrificing service Availability, Compute Capacity or Energy Efficiency through fragmentation of space, power, cooling and networking distribution.

Therefore the responsibility for a resilient system is passed from the data center designer to the data center operator. Current DCIM tools do not make use of the best in class simulation techniques that are used by the data center designers or hardware designers – they monitor and alert when mistakes are made instead of simulating changes before implementation.

Just imagine if you had Simulation built into your DCIM tool so you could answer questions like:

  •  If I plan to put this 8kW cabinet here, will it be acceptable from an electrical, cooling and structural point of view?
  • Will all my current and planned IT devices continue to operate normally in the case of a failure in any part of the power chain or cooling system?
  • Can I upgrade my ACUs with to more energy efficient fans? will all of my servers still receive the same amount of air at the same temperature? will I starve one area of the data center so I cannot use it in the future

By combining Simulation with your DCIM solution, you have the ability to answer these questions and therefore maintain Service Availability, Compute Capacity and Energy Efficiency throughout the life of your data center.

Follow this link to find a previously recorded webcast as well as other helpful white-papers and events:  http://www.futurefacilities.com/solutions/dcim/PredictiveDCIM.php


As seen on http://www.predictivedcim.com/2013/08/what-is-predictive-dcim/

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