Cold Aisle Containment System Performance Simulation

By: Michael Potts
April 25th, 2012

In an attempt to reduce inlet temperatures, BayCare Health System in Tampa Florida installed a cold aisle containment system (CACS) in a section of their data center. Results were varied, with temperatures improving in some areas, but actually increasing in others. In order to understand these results, airflow management solutions provider Eaton simulated the data center’s performance using Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The simulation’s results matched those of the physical data center. With the information at hand, it was determined that CFD software could be used to diagnose the data centers cooling problems.

Future Facilities Website:

This paper from Eaton details the results of their CFD diagnosis of the BayCare facility, describing the process of analysis in depth, as well as offering solutions to the cooling infrastructure. First, the process of cold aisle containment installation is outlined, offering details from both the simulation and study of the physical data center. Next, it explains Eaton’s performance simulation and measurement of the facility’s function after installation, mimicking the center’s airflow, device models and locations, as well as temperature. Lastly, a framework of the full diagnoses is presented, offering conclusions to the unexpected temperature increases.

Learn the full process of data center diagnosis in this detailed simulation. Click here to download this paper from Eaton on the diagnosis of the incorrectly performing cold aisle containment system at BayCare Health System.


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